Math Website

7L Math is currently working on 2 webbased programs that will help the students with their fluency. They have access to both sites from home.

1- Reflex Math.

 Giving students access to reflex math.

To log in, students will:

1. Enter their teacher’s username

2. Select a class (if you have only one class, students won’t need to do this)

3. Select their name from the list of students in the class

4. Enter their password (see the student hand out)

• When students reach the Daily Usage Requirement, a Green Light will come on in the upper right corner of the screen. This should take about 15 minutes. (Some of the earliest sessions might take slightly longer.)

• The store and student avatar are only available once the Green Light is on.

• Students can earn a maximum of 120 tokens per day.


2- Dreambox

 DreamBox Parent Letter


When using either one of the sites, it is recommended that the students ...

• Headphones are recommended for classroom use.