June 18, 2018 Morning Message

Happy national go fishing day, OES! Get outside and get active! Going fishing is a great activity to do with your family and friends. If you don't know how to fish, make it a goal to learn how this summer!

Juice Bar is now closed for the rest of the school year.

Kindergarten & Grade 1 Fun Club - Group D can meet Mrs. Kison in the main gym at long recess. 

A huge shout out to Arabella in K1 for showing self-control! Wow, Arabella! Way to go! 

For Joyful June, let's focus on...sending a positive note to a friend who needs uplifting or encouragement. This can be a secretive note or a note you give directly to them, but let's help one another feel happy and spread the joy!

Those students going to the Onoway Museum, we hope you enjoy yourselves! Be safe when walking there, listen to the adults working with you and be respectful. Have fun and learn lots about the history of Onoway and area! 

Today is the Grade 6 Part B LA exam. Good luck to all of those students who are writing this exam. Please be mindful that the grade 6 students will be writing their exam all morning and would like it to be quiet for them to focus. Please be respectful of this and avoid being in the hallways. Thank you everyone for your kindness and consideration during this exam. Good luck again to our Grade 6 students!