December 13, 2017 Morning Message

The Choir meets today at lunch recess. Choir members, please meet in the gym at noon today.

The scavenger hunt is finished next TUESDAY morning, so let's keep hunting. Remember to upload your photos and videos on the drive teachers, or the points WILL NOT count. It doesn't count to show the grade 7 leadership students your videos or pictures. They must be uploaded. Tomorrow is the grades 4-7 charades competition in the small gym. Teachers please send two participants from your class to the challenge! Good luck everyone! The grades K to 3 were amazing yesterday during their competition and showed excellent acting skills! Wow!

For our gratefulness practice, let's reflect on SEASONS. Without seasons we couldn’t play certain sports! What season are you grateful for? Is it winter? Summer? Spring? Or maybe even fall? Maybe you are grateful for all of them. Write down in your agenda what season you are grateful for in your agenda and why.

Remember the turkey dinner is the 20th, Don’t miss it! And wear your ugly Christmas sweaters on the same day too! Who can wear the most ugly and creative sweaters! Show the grade 7 leadership team your school spirit!

The grades 2 and 3 dress rehearsal is today periods 6 and 7, and tonight is their concert! HAVE FUN TONIGHT GRADES 2 AND 3!