September 14th, 2018 Morning Message

Happy National Live Creatively Day! Let your creativity shine today through your work in class, a drawing you complete in your free time, creating a new game on the playground or answering questions in class. Take some time to invent, discover and dream today, OES! 
Hello from the Safety Patrollers! Patrollers for next week are Justin and Seth from Grade 7.

This week we have discussed many areas that could be your strength OES. We have reflected on family and home, nature, sports and clubs, friendships and pets. Continue thinking about all of your genius areas, OES. Everyone has strengths and it is important that we recognize these strengths, embrace them, continue to grow them and share these strengths with others. In the next two weeks every class will have their Genius displays up, so keep your eyes open for these!

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Monday, September 17th, 2018

Happy National IT Professionals Day.The IT (information technology) professional is the unsung hero of modern business and schools and at our school, our IT hero is Mr. Wolff! So if you see him in the hallways today, give him a high five and tell him thank you for helping with our chromebooks, IPADs, TVs, SmartBoards, WiFi, log-ins, etc. etc. His list is very long so thank you Mr. Wolff for helping up stay connected! 

For our Strengths Focus, let's reflect on School this week. Math. Is this your area of genius? Are you quick at solving problems, do you have a great memory for math facts? Maybe you understand shapes and measurement easily. Do you enjoy learning new concepts that involve number? Maybe being challenged in math is something you enjoy and thrive off of. Is math part of your genius area? 

We will start recognizing our safe and caring students at OES later this week, so get your slips in the boxes in the library. We have such amazing students at our school and we want to be able to recognize what you are doing every morning! 
 LEGO robotics our first meeting is today after school. Please make sure bus notes are written and parents know you are staying. 

Grade 7 Flag Football practice is today after school until 4:30. Please ensure you have filled in a bus note and have made arrangements for transportation after school! If you can't make it for any reason, please let one of your coaches know! Bring appropriate clothing and we will see you there grade 7's! 

Mrs. Olson is starting a Music Club on Mondays at lunch recess for all students in grades 3 to 7. We will be trying out different instruments and games every week. This is a drop-in club, so you only need to come when you want to. Today's instrument is the ukulele!

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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Happy National Respect Day, OES! What an amazing day to take the time to show other people respect and give yourself respect. What is respect? Have a discussing in class on what this word means. Anywhere you go, people expect you to respect them, so understanding this word is very important. Think of ways you can show respect to others. Don't forget to think about yourself and the importance of being respectful to yourself! 

For our Strengths Focus, let's reflect on Language Arts today. Is this subject in school your genius area? Are you a strong reader or someone who enjoys reading many types of books? Are you a creative thinker who can tell stories to others about imaginary place or animals, maybe great adventures, events from the past or inventions in the future? Maybe writing stories or ideas is a strength of yours. Is spelling a strength you have in class? Is Language Arts your genius area, OES? 

After today we will be having some responsible Grade 7 students saying the announcements in the morning. They applied to do this job for OES, so let's be respectful and ensure we are listening to the messages they have to say each morning.

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Wednesday, September 19th, 2018

Hello I am _______. I am _______. I am ________. And I am _______. We are the grade 7 students who will be bringing you your daily dose of energy and announcements! 

Happy like a pirate day, OES! Have some fun with this today, OES and try talking like a pirate on the playground with your friends. Maybe go home tonight and challenge your family to only talk like a pirate during dinner. Good luck with this mateys, ARRRRR!

For our Strengths Focus, let's reflect on Science and Social. Are one of these subjects your genius area? Do you like experiments or building things to show your learning? Maybe you are someone who asks powerful questions and always like to understand how stuff works or why things are the way they are. Maybe areas of interest of yours are the sky and solar system, cars and engines, tress and ecosystems, bridges and buildings, light and sight, airplanes and flying, or inventions. Is Science your genius area? OR do you like researching about the past, learning from our past mistakes and successes and thinking of ways to better our future? Do you enjoy learning about different countries and languages and the history of our beautiful country? Is Social your genius area, OES?

It is going to be a very exciting day on the playground. The cement trucks are expected to arrive around noon. After first recess, there will be limited access to the west playground zone. The gr 3 soccer field and the swings are closed and no access to the big hill until the equipment is moved. Supervisors, please ensure that you are outside right away and guiding the kids to the areas for safe play.

A reminder that the tarmac is for the gr 3 and 4 classes for the first recess. 

The Choir starts rehearsals today! If you are in grades 4, 5, 6 or 7 and you love to sing, then the Choir is the place for you! We will be preparing for our Remembrance Day Ceremony and the Christmas Concert. Come join the Choir today at lunch recess in the music room.

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Thursday, September 20th, 2018

Happy National Gibberish Day, OES! Yesterday some of us enjoyed challenging ourselves to talk like a pirate, so today try to talk gibberish when you are with your friends. Maybe you can create a new language together, or just talk silly with them and it doesn't make sense at all! Have fun with talking gibberish today! 

For our Strengths Focus, let's reflect on Health and Physical Education. Are these your genius areas? Are you interested in learning about the body and ways to improve your health? Do you like knowing more about ways to sleep better, eat healthy, learn about your emotions and work on ways to deal with stress and anger? Is Health your genius area? Or are you someone who enjoys being active in the gym or outside. Maybe learning about new sports or games is an area that you are strong in. Maybe you have strong physical literacy skills like throwing and catching a ball, balancing on one leg, jumping, rolling and running? Is physical education your genius area?

Grade 7 Flag football practice is today after school until 4:30. Make sure you have completed a bus note and arranged for transportation. See you all there!

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Friday, September 21, 2018

Happy National Tradesmen Day, OES! On the third Friday in September, National Tradesmen Day honors the men and women whose skills and hard work build up our cities and towns and keep them running strong. National Tradesmen Day is dedicated to the professionals who maintain the complex infrastructure of our roads, cities, water systems, and power grids. So if you know someone who works with electricity, plumbing, construction, mechanics, oil and gas, thank them! 

For our Strengths Focus, let's reflect on art and drama. Are you someone who loves creating art through many ways? Do you like painting, drawing, coloring, shading, or creating works of beauty? Maybe you are someone who enjoys doodling! is Art your genius area? Maybe you are someone who likes presenting or talking at the front of your class. Or perhaps you love being a part of the christmas concerts or the drama productions at OES. Is drama your genius area, OES? By next week every class should have a visual of their genius area displayed somewhere in the school. Our leadership students responsible for taking photos and videos will be around Tuesday to take pictures so that everyone else can see the amazing displays! 

Safety Patrollers for next week are Lucas from 7D and Kohen from 6B.

The Handbell Club starts today at lunch recess in the music room. If you are in grades 5, 6 or 7 and are interested in joining the Handbell Club, please join us today at noon. 

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Monday, September 24th, 2018

Happy National Punctuation Day! What is punctuation and the different examples of it? Ask your teacher is unsure and maybe try to practice a few examples on the board using these examples. Punctuation is incredibly important when writing so you convey the correct message to your audience!

For our strengths focus this month we have been talking about your genius area. There are so many amazing displays of OES' strengths all over the school! Outside of classrooms, inside of classrooms and in the library! Everybody has strengths and this is evident all over our school. We should be proud. This week we would like to challenge everyone to share their strengths. Start today by sharing with a partner in class. Tell them your top three strengths and why they are your strengths. It is important to find your strengths, but also to share them and be proud of them.

We will start saying shout-outs to classes using our safe and caring slips. So please a reminder to teachers to continue giving those out and please bring them to the boxes in the library! Today, we will say a huge SHOUT-OUT to Codder in 1MK! Codder showed respect and kindness when holding the door for the supervisors and his classmates. Thanks Codder!

Grade 7 Flag Football Practice is today after school until 4:30. See you all there! Please make sure to do a bus note and that your parents know to pick you up on time! 
The Music Club is open today for all students in grades 3 to 7. Due to popular demand, today's instrument is the ukulele again. Come to the music room at lunch recess today if you would like to join us in making some music!
Lego Robotics Club - We are meeting after school in 7L. Don't forget to let your parents know and to do a bus note.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Happy National Comic Book Day, OES! Reading in general is an important skill in life and finding a book that interests you is a great challenge to accomplish today. Perhaps you can look at comic books! Good old Garfield, Calvin and Hobbs or some Marvel comics! Immerse yourself in these great comics and create new connections in your brain, OES!

Yesterday for our Strengths Focus, we discussed the importance of talking to someone about your strengths. Today, we would like to challenge you to tell your class your strength. Take some time today to share with your class what your strength is. IF you have already done this, maybe think of an area that you are going to work on to become a strength. This afternoon the grade 7 leadership group will be coming around taking pictures of all the displays so we can see  these during our assembly on Friday! 

This Thursday is the Terry Fox walk for our school. Please be ready with appropriate clothing. We will be starting at 2pm at the bus loop. Please invite your parents and guardians to join us! Don't forget to get those Terry Fox Forms in!

Friday it is Orange Shirt Day to bring awareness and come together to recognize reconciliation and raise hope because every child matters. Please wear orange on Friday as we come together for this great cause.

If you tried out for the Handbell Club, please come to a meeting in the music room during first recess today. That's all grade 5, 6 and 7 students who would like to be in the Handbell Club, we will meet during morning recess.

A huge SHOUT-OUT goes to Austin in 2F for showing kindness and responsibility. You were so helpful to some of your classmates, Austin and we appreciate this. Thank you!

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Happy National Better Breakfast Day, OES! Let's take some time and think about what makes a healthy, well-rounded breakfast. What are some options we can eat? It is critical for our body and brain development to have a healthy breakfast, so please talk about this as a class to come up with some great ideas to try. 
The Choir meets at noon today. Students in grades 4 to 7 who have joined the Choir or who would like to join the Choir, please come to the music room at lunch recess today. 

For our strengths focus, we have worked on talking to a partner and to our class. Today, we would like to challenge you to go home and talk to your family about it. Maybe during dinner have everyone at the dinner table talk about their strengths. You can start the talk by being proud of your strengths to your family. 

Tomorrow is the Terry Fox walk for our school. Please be ready with appropriate clothing. We will be starting at 2pm at the bus loop. Please invite your parents and guardians to join us! Don't forget to get those Terry Fox Forms in!

Friday it is Orange Shirt Day to bring awareness and come together to recognize reconciliation and raise hope because every child matters. Please wear orange on Friday as we come together for this great cause.

The Choir meets today at lunch recess. Grade four to seven students, it's not too late to join choir! Please meet in the music room today at lunch recess. 

The Dungeons & Dragons club meets today after school. Remember to write a bus note if you are staying after school.

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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Happy National Scarf Day, OES! Hopefully we don't have to wear scarves regularly anytime soon, but when we do, we can think back to this day! WE can be grateful that we have scarves to help cover up our neck and bodies to fight the cold. Yay scarves and being warm! 

For our strengths focus let's think of ways to practice our strengths daily. What are some ways to make sure you show your strengths daily. If your strength is math, how can you practice this strength? If it is playing soccer, what are ways to practice this? If you make an effort to every day work on an area of genius, then your confidence will improve and the day will be much happier! 

It is flag football practice today until 4:30 for the grade 7's. Please do a bus note and communicate with your parents and guardians about pick up. See you there!

Enjoy the Terry Fox walk today OES. Please be mindful of why we are doing this as a group. It is an incredible story and brings forward the strength we all have the potential of, as well as hope. When we work together and set our minds to something, anything is possible. Today we walk in memory of Terry Fox and all those who have been impacted by cancer. We also walk today to show that we bring hope and optimism to our future. Please be respectful, enjoy the exercise and the company of one another. We can be so grateful of our time together! We will begin at 2pm at the bus loop. Thank you to all of those who brought in your donations.

A huge SHOUT-OUT to Payton in 4B for showing kindness, compassion and respect. Thank you Payton, keep it up!


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Friday, September 28, 2018

Happy National Good Neighbor Day OES! Focus on being a great neighbor to the person who you are sitting beside in class, the classroom next to you, the person who walks home with you after school or the house next door. Be kind and respectful because good neighbors are great to have for all of us! 

Today is our first assembly and 9:30. We will show the amazing pictures of all of our strengths and genius visuals we all worked hard to create. Thank you to everyone for completing these on time. We truly are an amazing school :) 

Thank you to everyone for wearing orange today. You will be receiving a bracelet to wear today to show your support of this important day of hope and awareness. During the assembly today we will discuss more of the meaning. Thank you.

The Grade 6 & 7 Handbell Club meets today at lunch recess. 

A huge SHOUT-OUT to Bryce in 6B for showing kindness, respect, respectful communications and responsibility. Wow, Bryce! You are amazing.

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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Happy National Bring your stuffed animal or Teddy to work and school day! We hope that everyone brought their favorite stuffed animal to hang out with them while they learn today! Enjoy the cuddles! 

For Diversity today, we will continue with similar and different statements. Please stand up if they apply to you!
1. So please stand up if you like chocolate ice cream better than vanilla ice cream. So again, stand up if you like chocolate ice cream more than vanilla ice cream. Awesome. Thank you! Please have a seat.
2. For the second statement, please stand up if you like chips more than candy. So please stand up if you prefer eating chips more than eating candy. Take a look around your classroom to see who is similar to you or different.
3. For the final statement, please stand up if you like breakfast better than supper.. So if you like eating breakfast more than you like eating supper stand up! Thanks OES! You can sit down now. 

A huge SHOUT-OUT to Paisley in 5S for showing compassion, empathy and responsibility. Atta girl, Paisley! Keep it up! 

The Grade 7 volleyball boys team will meet in the gym today for lunch recess! See you there!

The grade 5 Handbell Club meets today at lunch recess. 

The Plant Club will begin tomorrow. The following members will meet with Miss Young at noon recess on Friday to learn their jobs. Ava S. and Mary K. from 4JB, Sawyer C. and Arabelle from 4H.

September 13th, 2018 Morning Message

Happy National Kids Take over the Kitchen Day, OES! When you get home today, ask the adults in charge of cooking if you can cook supper tonight, or give your ideas for supper, or even help out! Being able to help in the kitchen is an amazing skill to have, so take time today to spend time in there and help out! 

For today's focus on strengths, let's reflect on animals. Do you love animals? Maybe you enjoy walking or running with your dog, riding and grooming your horse, feeding your cows, cuddling with your cats or watching your hamster on their wheels. Maybe you have fish at home and you are a reliable owner who feeds them daily. Is your strength taking care of animals? Maybe animals are drawn to you and enjoy being held by your or being pet by you. Is this another area you are genius in, OES? Add them to your visuals!

For those grade 7 students who are interested in playing flag football, please make sure your permission form and money is in to Miss Welsh or Miss Doyle by today! Practice is cancelled today but we will have a practice on Monday after school. See you then. 

Attention grade six and seven students: Do you like the fantasy world of swords, magic and monsters? Do you like creating stories? Do you like using your imagination? Then you will love playing Dungeons and Dragons! Mrs. Olson's Dungeons and Dragons club is starting up again on Wednesdays after school. If you are in grade six or seven and you are interested in learning more about this club, please come to a meeting today at lunch recess in the music room. 

Thank you to everyone who came to Meet the Teacher night last night! Even though the weather wasn't the best, we appreciate everyone who made the effort to bring their families to meet their teachers, show their classrooms off and eat some hot dogs! Miss Welsh and Mrs Belseth saw a lot of parents coming to give feedback and to put their name in the draw to win the activity baskets. We drew names this morning for each of the two baskets and parents will be called today to come pick them up. The winners are....drumroll please...From grade 2, Aaron Berger! Your dad's name was drawn! One basket will go to your family. And the second basket...Kai Gifford from 5S! Your family will take home the second basket. Thanks everyone.

Every Child Matters

Orange Shirt Day will be held on Friday, September 28th. Our assembly will be at 9:30 AM on the same day, so everyone is encouraged to wear an orange shirt. Orange Shirt Day grew out of Phyllis' story of having her shiny new orange shirt taken away on her first day of school at the Mission, and it has become an opportunity to keep the discussion on all aspects of residential schools happening annually. Orange Shirt Day is also an opportunity for First Nations, local governments, schools and communities to come together in the spirit of reconciliation and hope for generations of children to come. Visit for more information.

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Friday, October 12, 2018

Happy National Farmers Day OES! We are so grateful for our farmers who are working to help get food on our shelves at the grocery stores and then to our homes. They not only produce food for us, but for our pets too, as well as warm bedding for our animals that live outside. We are so fortunate to have so many people in our community to do this amazing work for us, so next time you see someone working in the fields, send them positive thoughts! 

Today is the final day of similar and different statements for Diversity, so get ready! Again, please stand up if the statement applies to you!
1. Please stand up if you would rather explore space more than explore the oceans. So again, if you would rather go safely explore space more than you would want to safely explore the oceans, then stand up. Take a look around! Good, thanks. Have a seat please.
2. For the second round, please stand up if you would rather have an octopus as a pet instead of a shark. So if you would rather have an octopus as a pet instead of a shark, please stand up. Thanks! Have a seat.
3. The last statement is, if you would rather never wear shoes stand up versus never wear a jacket. So again, if you would like to never wear shoes instead of never wearing a jacket, then stand up. Oooh, this is a tough one! Take a look around! Thanks OES! We hope you learned some similarities and differences between you and your classmates! 

A huge SHOUT-OUT to Drayden in 6B for showing respectful communications and responsibility. Well done, Drayden! Keep it up! 

A reminder to volleyball players to get your permission forms and money in to Miss Welsh by the end of today! 
Lego Robotics Club - We are meeting tomorrow morning for our family build. Don't forget to let your parents.

The Grade 6 & 7 Handbell Club meets today at lunch recess. 
On Monday for the grades 3 to 7 Music Club, we will be playing the recorder. If you have your own recorder at home, please bring it on Monday for the club. See you there!

Would the following Plant Club members please meet Miss Young by the library at noon recess. Arabelle, Sawyer, Ava and Mary. See you then!

September 12th, 2018 Morning Message

Happy National Day of Encouragement, OES! What a beautiful day to give someone some positive, kind words of encouragement. Perhaps someone will feel frustrated during class or out in the playground. Help them out, OES. Encourage one another! 

For our focus on strengths today, OES, let's reflect on strengths as a friend. What makes you a strong friend to others? Are you kind, generous, funny, trustworthy, caring or honest? What would your friends say about you? What strengths do you have as a friend, OES? These characteristics are part of your genius! We can't wait to see the visuals and displays of every class' genius areas!

Camp Warwa has been postponed for grade 7 today and grade 6 Thursday and Friday due to the weather. OES will be in contact with families with new dates very soon!

Any grade 7 students interested in playing flag football, please get your forms to Miss Welsh or Miss Doyle by tomorrow! 

Tonight at 5pm is Meet the Teacher Night! Make sure to go home and tell your family to come back to school to see your classroom and meet your teacher, as well as enjoy a hot dog! Make sure your parents or guardians stop by to see Miss Welsh and Mrs Belseth at their table, so they can put their name in a draw to win a basket full of games and activities! See you all tonight!

September 11th, 2018 Morning Message

Happy National Make your Bed Day, OES! Make an effort to make your bed today if you didn't already, OES. Research is clear that when your bedroom is neat and tidy, you will be able to focus on being productive with other things, such as homework AND have a better sleep at night! 

For our strengths focus today, let's reflect on sports and clubs. Are you a part of a sports or club team? Gymnastics, dance, soccer, hockey, baseball, swimming or basketball? Maybe you figure skate, bowl, shoot a bow and arrow, ride horses or participate in taikwondo! Are you into Lego Robotics, Dungeons and Dragons, 4H, skiing, skateboarding or biking? What sport or club do you participate in or would you like to participate in? These are strengths you have! Areas you are drawn to and excited to participate in show areas you are genius in!

Just a reminder that for anyone interested in joining Lego Robotics, your forms must be in by friday and our first meeting will be next monday after school. 

For those grade 7 students interested in playing flag football, we will have a meeting today at lunch in 7D classroom to discuss schedules and notes. See you all there!

What's the Scoop? Meet the teacher night is tomorrow Wednesday, September 12th from 5:00 to 6:30. Come to the school and take your family on a tour of your classroom at 5:00 and then we will all come together as a community in the main gym to enjoy hot dogs, ice cream and visit. We hoe to see you all there!

September 10th, 2018 Morning Message

Happy National Swap Ideas Day OES! Today is a great day to help someone in your group, brainstorm something great, share ideas on games at recess and to swap your ideas with someone at school! We can all learn so much from one another so take today to share your brilliance! 
For our strengths focus, on Friday the question was asked as to why we focus on our strengths. What did everyone come up with? Why should we focus on what we are strong in versus areas of improvement? The cool thing about humans, is we ALL have areas of weakness. Nobody is perfect. Every day we learn something new about ourselves, we learn from our mistakes, we learn about others and our brains change. It's good to know what our weaknesses are, but it's important we don't focus on those. Instead, we need to focus on areas we are genius in. This way, our brain can grow positive connections and our confidence rises. Once we understand what we are good at, we can connect new things we learn to this area. An example could be BMXing. There are a lot of students at OES who are excellent BMXers. Maybe they can read books about this, write stories, find friends who are also interested in this, and learn the importance of practice. Find your strengths OES and then the positive connections in your brain will grow!!

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Monday, October 1, 2018

This week is National Family Week and Mental Illness Awareness Week.

Today is also national homemade cookies today OES, have fun with this. Go home today and ask your parents if you can make cookies. What type of cookies are you gonna make sugar, ginger, chocolate chip. What is your favourite kind of cookie OES.

What is diversity? For the first part of this month we will be focussing on diversity and how we can identify this, respect this and accept this. OES is very diverse and we can be so proud of this fact. We can’t wait to hear what everyone comes up with! 

Safe and caring shout out for today goes to damon from 2m for showing self control and responsibillity way to go damon keep it up

Lego Robotics Club - We are meeting after school in 7L. Don't forget to let your parents know and to do a bus note. 

Grade 7 Flag Football Practice is today after school until 4:30. See you there! 

Today is Music Club at lunch recess for students in grades 3 to 7. This will be our last day with the ukulele. Get ready for an exciting new instrument next time!

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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Happy National Name a Car day OES. Do you have a car or at least a toy car at home, if so what are you going to name it? What gender is it? Does the car have a special meaning for the name you give it? Go home home today and ask your parents what the think of the name have fun with this one OES. 

Diversity is an awesome trait everyone has. We are all different. Some people like art and gym, others have a passion for math or maybe science. Some people have dark hair others have light. Think hard about this one OES how are you different from others and does that made you get along great? Maybe it's true, opposites do attract. 

Safe and caring shout out goes to Kadence in 3M for showing responsibility way to go Kadence keep up the great work.

Any student in Grade 4 who would like to join Plant Club to help take care of the plants in the main hallway, please come to 3Y for a short meeting with Miss Young at noon recess. Bring your coat as you will be going outside after. 

All patrollers are to meet in 2M at 12:06 (noon recess time) and bring their lunch. It is review and test day!

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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Happy National Walk to School day OES. Can you walk to school, do you live in the country and take a bus or does someone drive you. If you don’t walk to school walk around at recess. Have fun OES.

Hi OES have you thought about diversity yet ,its what makes out so interesting how we look our sense of style maybe your favorite color.the world would be boring if we were all the same, but we got it all locked up OES we all have so many interesting qualities. Go home today and ask your mom or dad maybe you're brother or sister friends or family what they love to do. 

The Choir meets at lunch recess today. This is for all students in grades 4 to 7 who love to sing. If you are in choir or would like to join choir, please meet in the music room at lunch recess today. 

The Dungeons & Dragons Club meets after school today.

A huge shout-out goes to Jaymeson in 6B for showing responsibility and respectful communication. Thank you Jaymeson for showing these amazing attributes. Keep it up!

What's The Scoop?

Tomorrow is World Teachers Day, OES. So take some time today to give your teacher your respect and kindness, to show your appreciation. Tell them why you are grateful for them and tell them thank you! We are so lucky to have such amazing teachers in our school.

Happy National Animal Day, do you have an animal at home, if so show love to your pet and how much you care about them. Tonight go home and refill your pets food and water bowls, take time to play with your animal. Have fun with your pet, OES

The grade 5 Handbell Club meets today at lunch recess. 

Thank you to 4H for the playground clean up that was done last week. We are sad to report that there is quite a bit of garbage on our playground again. Everyone in our school is responsible for making sure that your snack wrappers get put into our garbage bins. Please do your part to help keep our school yard clean. 

Today is the Grade 7 Flag Football Tournament. This will be happening here at OES starting at noon. This means that during lunch and last recess, all of the soccer fields are off limits for students to play on. Please do not go on to the field, as there will be games going on. If you would like to stand or sit on the sidelines and watch some great football, you are welcome to! Come out and cheer on your grade 7 players. Good luck to all of the grade 7 teams and have fun today! 

A huge SHOUT-OUT goes out to...Nathan Carter in K3! You were showing empathy, wow, Nathan. That is amazing. Keep it up all year long.

OES Teacher Professional Development Day

Friday, October 5th, 2018

Staff Development Day Agenda:

Quality Learning Environments: Focus- A Culture of Wellness & Positive Classroom Culture 

Inclusive Education Updates

RAZ Plus Webinar

RAZ Plus - Teacher site set up

Trauma-Informed Practices in Schools 

World Teacher Day: Staff Wellness Activity

Enjoy your Thanksgiving Weekend!

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Tuesday, October 9th, 2018

Happy Curious Events Day, OES! Today, take some time to get curious about something. Anything at all. Ask questions and explore. 

For diversity this week, we want you to listen to statements that we say on announcements. If you agree or if this statement describes you, then stand up! After each statement, take a look around your classroom to see who is similar to you and who is different than you and in what ways. Being diverse is a beautiful part of being human. It is important we see that everyone is different and move to accept everyone and choose kindness.
Alright, so get ready everyone. For the first statement, stand up if you have a brother or sister. Again, if you have a brother or a sister stand up. Look around everyone!
Ok, you can have a seat. For the second statement, stand up if you live on a farm or on an acreage. So if you don't live in a town, city or village, then you stand up. Look around the room and see who lives outside of town!
Ok you can have a seat. Alright, for the last statement today, stand up if you have a dog. So you will stand up if you have a dog as a pet. See who else has a dog in your class or maybe those who don't! 
Thanks everyone! You can have a seat. 

It is Fire Prevention Week so today our local fire department will be coming to OES to share some very important messages with us in the activity room. Kindergarten to grade 3 at 9:30 and then grades 4 to 7 at 11:00. 

A huge SHOUT-OUT to Axel in 3H for showing respect, patience and honesty this past week. You are awesome Axel, way to go! 

For any grade 7 student who is interested in playing volleyball, we will have a meeting in the gym today during lunch recess. See you there!

All patrollers have a meeting in 2M at first recess to receive test results and the Patroller Year Calendar.

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Wednesday, October 10th, 2018

Today Is World Mental Health Day! What an important day for everyone to talk about. World Mental Health Day is observed on 10 October every year, with the overall objective of raising awareness of mental health issues around the world and increasing our efforts in support of mental health. Fortunately, there is a growing recognition of the importance of helping young people build mental resilience in order to cope with the challenges of today’s world. Evidence is growing that promoting and protecting our health is critical, and we need to do this together. Talk to one another, listen. Show yourself compassion and know that it is more than ok to make mistakes. Forgive yourself and others. Practice gratitude. There are many ways to help us develop resiliency and confidence. For us to work on prevention of mental health issues, we need to gain a better understanding of mental health and ways to improve our mental health daily. Start the conversation, OES and let's support one another with kindness, empathy and respect. 

Tomorrow is National Bring your Teddy Bear to School, OES! So we invite you to bring your favorite teddy to school. This includes the staff at OES! Bring your favorite stuffy tomorrow! 

For Diversity today, let's discuss some similar and different traits again. So just to remind you, when we say a statement, please stand up if it applies to you!
1. So for the first one, please stand up if you own a bike or enjoy biking. So stand up if biking is something you like to do! Great, please take a seat.
2. For the second one, please stand up if you enjoy playing sports. So if you like soccer, basketball, hockey, volleyball, badminton, dance, gymnastics, figure skating, etc. please stand up! Great! Thanks, have a seat.
3. For the third one, please stand up if you enjoy activities that involve motor sports, such as dirtbiking, quadding, snowmobiling, racing, etc. Please stand up if this applies to you! 
Thanks everyone, it is important to identify our strengths and the ways we are different.

A huge SHOUT-OUT to Landon in 4H for showing kindness and respect. Amazing work, Landon. Keep it up! 

Grade 7 volleyball practice for girls is today during lunch. See you there!